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You’ve probably heard all of the buzz surrounding Angular 2, from the initial drama after the announcement that it was to be a complete ground up rewrite with no upgrade path from Angular 1, to the news that Angular 2 was to be written in TypeScript.

With Angular 2 fast approaching its 1.0 release and the dust settling around its API and feature set, it has become apparent that Angular 2 is massive improvement over Angular 1 in terms of performance, maintainability, portability and developer productivity.

In this talk I'll take you through:

- Why Angular needed to be rewritten if it were to survive
- We'll touch on what's changed between Angular 1 and 2
- Angular 2's powerful new component driven approach to building rich client side apps
- Key architectural choices and why they were made (change detection, Reactive Extensions (RxJs), templating engine and more)
- The future of the Angular platform

We'll also go through a demo application to see how these features are being used, and how you can get started writing your first Angular 2 app.

By the end of this talk, regardless of your Angular 1 knowledge, you'll know enough about Angular 2 to get you started and enable you to make an educated choice when you next build a large scale client rich application.