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Windows is great, and Microsoft's not evil anymore, but there's a whole world out there full of Linux and Docker and lots more good stuff to play with. Now that .NET Core has finally hit 1.0, it's time to start getting to grips with it all, so I'd like to introduce you to some of the new things you'll encounter as you set out on the next adventure.

We'll drop a small building on the old .NET Framework, steal its shoes, and say "Hello!" to the happy little Core munchkins. Then we'll set off on a journey to the Feldspar City, and meet all sorts of friends along the way, including Docker The Friendly Whale/Ship/Thing, a terrifying CLIon, a multi-talented ELK, and I'll figure out some way to get a Tin Man and Scarecrow reference in there if it kills me. One of them's going to have to be Nginx. Look, I'll figure it out. It'll be fine.