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How do you scale an over engineered monolith intended for millions of users?
How do you fix bugs and add new features to a codebase that's impossible to understand?
How can you avoid rewriting everything yet make the application perform as it was intended?
How do you do all of this while the app is LIVE and being used by many users every day?

The answer: restructure it into small maintainable chunks – microservices!

Callum will discuss the process he followed to transition an app for the NHS into a majestically constructed microservices architecture, the lessons learnt and pain points felt along the way.

We'll take a look at the infrastructure components you can use with limited knowledge to get started using microservices, focusing on utilising Azure Functions and API Management Gateway to build a large API.

Finally we'll take a look into the code and have a look at the iterative changes we had to make to ensure our old monolithic app could scale, such as building a new authentication "service" based on IdentityServer and restructuring specific components into Azure Functions!