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Should I care about Docker if I'm a developer? What are the advantages and how can it make my life easier? How painful is to port an existing application to Docker and get it to production?

These are some of the questions we promise to answer during this talk, and you'll get super excited seeing how seamlessly Docker can plug in your development experience.

We'll start from the very basics of Docker, so you will have no problems on following it even if you've never used it before.

And then we'll see how we can containerise a non-trivial existing ASP.NET Core solution and have it running on Linux, thanks to the support of Visual Studio 2017.

After executing it locally on our machine. we'll explore which options we have in order to run it on the cloud, we'll set up a CI/CD pipeline on Visual Studio Team Services and we'll deploy it to AKS (managed Kubernetes) in Azure.