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Is Docker forever on your list of things to explore? There's no better time than now…


In this talk Steve will introduce you to Docker, an application packaging and containerisation technology that opens new possibilities for development and deployment of your ASP.NET Core and .NET Core applications. Steve will share with you the Docker journey that his team are on, exploring their motivations for using Docker, the benefits they've achieved and the workflows they have developed.


We’ll learn about the core terminology and concepts that .NET developers need to understand in order to begin working with Docker. Steve will share demos which show how easy it is to start leveraging Docker in your own ASP.NET Core projects. Finally, we’ll look at a complete CI-CD pipeline using Docker and Jenkins. Steve will explore the AWS Elastic Container Services (ECS) architecture Madgex have built to enable rapid, continuous delivery of their microservices.


You’ll leave this talk with the knowledge you need to get started using Docker in your .NET Core projects and excited about the value that Docker can add to your workflows and deployments.