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Are you the type of developer that likes to Get Sh*t Done?

If you take a room full of developers, the deviation between each developer's productivity level is massive! A task that might take one developer half an hour, might take the next developer an entire day! Or more! And the quality of the solution will be wildly different too.

In this day of age - the developer rules in terms of productivity. We're one of the only industries where we can easily automate a lot of our menial tasks, with hardly any work. And there are so many tools already available to make us even more productive. But a surprising number of developers don't take advantage of automation or tooling, and do everything the hard way - using the standard tools that they've been using for most of their career.

In this talk, we'll be covering quite a lot of topics.  From compound learning, to note taking, to tools and automation (with demos of tools like LINQPad, Resharper, etc), to using the CLI effectively, to the Pomodoro Technique, to GTD, and even more!

Join me for a fast-paced talk on the tips and tricks I've found along the way that has saved me an insane amount of time!