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You’ve collaborated with the Product Owner and ensured the feature matches requirements. You’ve collaborated with the Architect to achieve the best design. You’ve collaborated with the QA to ensure everything works as expected. Then, you’ve thrown it over the wall to Ops and moved onto the next feature. Job Done. Or is it? Development of a feature doesn’t stop at deployment, your involvement continues for the lifetime of the product. If you want great power to control the choice of tooling and approaches, then you accept the great responsibility of ensuring it works, and remains working, in Production. In this talk I’ll explore the topic of Developers supporting their own features in Production. I’ll cover the benefits of this approach, including greater understanding of your product, its usage and performance, and how this data can be fed back to improve your product. I’ll also talk about the downsides of being on-call, combined with the strategies from Ops teams on how to handle these. You’ll come away from this talk feeling empowered to own your own work.